Coaches and Manager Instructions

  • Rosters and Passcards required.  Passcards do not have to be signed for players under 18.  Must be laminated.
  • Code of conduct – coaches are to set example for players and spectators
    • Coaches are responsible for all sideline personnel, i.e. players, coaches, managers, and spectators.
    • Coaches are to be proactive in dealing with spectator problems
    • Adult ejections are typically 3 games – always at least one game
    • All protests must follow steps in Constitution and by-laws.  Any deviation voids protest.
  • No standing or scores displayed in U10 division.
  • Dogs are not recommended at any facility.  Please leave all pets home.
  • Respect facilities.  No trash is to be left behind.  Carry out what you carry in.
  • Play the schedule.  Check the schedule frequently.  No postponements unless approved by league director.
  • Read the league rules and follow them.
  • Support the referees.
  • Referees have primary responsibility to report scores.  Coaches may report scores via Club/Team Maintenance Menu.
  • No casts (hard or soft), no jewelry.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  All piercings must be removed.  Taping over is not acceptable.

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